A documentary about the great drag queen Doris Fish is currently in production, directed by Scott Braucht.

“The legendary late 80s drag queen Doris Fish and her fabulous journey to starring, writing and producing the Sundance cult classic, Vegas in Space.”

“All Doris Fish wanted was to become a movie star and she was willing to do anything to make it happen. But only four months before the premier of her first feature film, Vegas in Space (1991), the drag performer died of AIDS. While the film went on to show at prestige festivals like Cannes and Sundance, it didn’t truly find its audience until the mid-90s when it aired on USA Up All Night, ultimately launching it into the realm of cult classic. This is the story of the making of Vegas in Space, including interviews with the director, cast, and crew as well as archival footage of the fabulous and determined Doris herself.”



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