Show Flyers

Show flyers were critical to the success of Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go-Go. Doris was a dedicated artist and her flyers are works of pop-folk-art. These were surely shows you did NOT want to miss!

High Spots At a Low Dive Flyer-Australia 1979

Circa 1979-1980, this show flyer from the Sluts A Go-Go Australian Tour is a masterpiece from Doris Fish. A hand lettered Xerox collage of photographs, she put her friend’s heads on bodies taken from photos in Female Mimics International Magazine.

Nightclub of the Living Dead Show Flyer

Nightlub of the Living Dead, November 1986, Club 181, San FranciscoDoris Fish, Miss X, Sandal Herbert, Tippi

Miss Solar System Pageant Flyer

Miss Solar System Pageant show flyer, October 1984. From the collection of Phillip R Ford.

Freda Lay Show Flyer

Freda Lay show flyer drawn and painted by Doris Fish. 1981. From the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive.

Happy Hour X-Mas Special, Channel 181.

Happy Hour X-Mas Special flyer. December 1985 From the collection of Phillip R Ford.