Vegas In Space: Top: Miss X, Ginger Quest, Doris Fish, Tippi. Bottom: Lori Naslund, Phillip R Ford, Ramona Fisher. Promotional cast photo by Robin Clark.

Legends of Drag

Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go-Go were a troupe of drag queens who were wildly popular in San Francisco in the 1980s. They were the creative brainchild of Australian-born drag queen Doris Fish (1952-1991), who brought the Sydney drag aesthetic with her to San Francisco in the mid-1970s. They filmed the greatest drag movie ever made, Vegas In Space, directed by Phillip R. Ford.

The original members were the trio of friends, Doris, Tippi and Miss X, with filmmaker Phillip R Ford playing the honorary straight man (as well as producer and director) to the group. Freda Lay, Jane Dornacker, Sandelle Kincade and Ginger Quest are just some of the talents who also performed with the Sluts. The 2023 biography “Who Does That Bitch Think She Is: Doris Fish and the Rise of Drag” by Craig Seligman tells the story of Doris and the Sluts with great detail and insight and is the roadmap for this website.

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NEW: Fish for Xmas 1981

Newly restored photographs from Daniel Nicoletta and Greg Foss of the 1981 Christmas show by San Francisco Drag Queens Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go-Go: Tippi, Miss X, Ginger Quest, Sara Cecchini, Lori Naslund, and pianist Paul Tortora at Previews.


After their October 1979 debut San Francisco Drag show the Sluts A Go-Go travel to Doris Fish’s homeland of Australia for a wild tour of the Sydney gay nightclub scene. Never before published photos of drag queen Doris Fish, Tippi and Miss X performing at The Stranded nightclub and Syd’s bar. With guest star Jacqueline (Jackie) Hyde.


Doris Fish Forever! Robyn Adams and Philip R. Ford at the Doris Fish exhibit at the GLBT Historical Society, April 28, 2023

Sluts A Go-Go Video Makeup Tests

From the Phillip R. Ford Archives, early 1980s video makeup tests starring drag queen Doris Fish, Miss X, and Tippi.

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Recent Updates

The Queens of Castro Street

Doris Fish and Freda Lay at the corner of 18th and Castro sometime between 1979-1983. I think this is an extraordinary photograph. The vanguard of early San Francisco Drag in the Castro in its heyday. Its unconventional with the shadows from the telephone poles breaking it up and adding weird depth in the afternoon light.…

City Hall Sluts!

City Hall Sluts! This fabulous photo from Greg Foss’ collection was taken in 81-82 during the Martin Ryter era. The story is that Doris and Martin released a press release announcing that a wealthy Arabian sheik was coming to town to meet with Doris and the Mayor of San Francisco. The sheik was played by…

A Magic Object/When Ginger Met Doris Fish

Another treat from the Ginger Quest collection: There is something so special and precious about a Polaroid. They are magic objects—Doris probably handled this exact photograph after it was taken. This is Greg Foss (Ginger Quest) and Doris Fish (There’s that sixties hippie drag again) out and about in the early 80s. It always strikes…

Australian Queer Archives Doris Fish Recent Acquisitions

Exciting news from the Australian Queer Archives, we thank them for sharing these digital images with us! “AQuA recently received a very significant donation of artworks, objects and archival material relating to Doris Fish from Johnny Allen, Ron Smith and the Danny Abood Estate (Johnny Allen). These works significantly extent our existing holdings relating to…

Doris Fish Hippie Drag

These photos of Tippi and Doris Fish were taken at a party between 1980-82. Doris is in hippie drag and Tippi is looking very sixties in a delightfully colorful dress. Doris’ 1982 self-portrait in hippie drag was clearly referencing these photos.   See also: Haight Street Fair 1980

Doris Fish by Doris Fish, Kalendar Magazine, 1977

Doris Fish by Doris Fish Kalendar Magazine, 1977 My first memory of myself as a performer is my father’s office Xmas party. I recited “Nellie Bly.” I was 4 years old. My childhood was quite uneventful but very pleasant. I have two brothers and two sisters-all delightful, pretty people. The are all in Australia living…

Sluts Slumber Party 1980

Sluts Slumber Party Held at Previews performance space at Polk and Geary September 21, 1980, during the hiatus between Sluts A Go-Go: A Play with Music and the premiere of Blonde Sin. We are short on details, this was likely a revue of their most popular numbers, possibly with new comedy and certainly some improvisation.

Doris Fish performs with the Tubes

The Tubes Doris visited San Francisco for the first time in March 1975, and returned for an extended stay in the summer of 1976. That year she entered a talent competition to join the proto-punk rock band The Tubes which was looking for oddball acts to compliment their bizarre shows. Doris auditioned in trashy glamour…

Halloween Harlots Revue

Halloween Harlots Revue Doris Fish’s first performance in San Francisco was a revue organized by Ambi Sextrous at the SIR Center in San Francisco, Halloween 1976. Doris designed the poster for the show, but not much else is remembered about it or their co-star Mary Anne Drogynous.

Doris Fish I-Beam Performance 1982

Doris Fish at the Mr. Drummer Competition. I-Beam, San Francisco, 1982 The incredible picture on the left was published in In Touch magazine in October 1982, photographer as yet unknown. It was submitted by a follower on our Instagram and shows Doris having maniacal, riotous fun with hunky leather men in the San Francisco nightclub…

Doris Fish at the 1980 Gay Rodeo in Reno

“In August they went to Nevada to cover the National Reno Gay Rodeo. Doris paraded around in outlandish outfits, but he found the rodeo events less engaging than the action under the bleachers.” Excerpt From Who Does That Bitch Think She Is? Craig Seligman As part of shooting segments for Martin Ryter’s Click TV, Doris…

Blonde Sin 1980-82

This is a work in progress page. Blonde Sin Promotional Material


Established June 1st, 2023: A comprehensive archive of Doris Fish and the Sluts A GoGo (1979-1991) showcasing photographs, video, Doris’ artwork and memorabilia. Contributors include director Phillip R Ford, photographer Dan Nicoletta, co-star Miss X, Bobbie Davis of the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive and more, under the creative direction of Robyn Adams, illustrator of the forthcoming Vegas In Space comic book. Our goal is to preserve the legacy of Doris and the Sluts, to elevate her profile as an ICON of the Art of Drag, and make some fun, fabulous merchandise! For more information, please see the About This Site page.

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Celebrating the life and work of Doris Fish

(born Philip Clargo Mills; August 11, 1952 – June 22, 1991)