Doris Fish Forever Southern California Convention Tour

The Doris Fish Forever Southern California Tour begins this week at RuPaul’s Drag Con at the LA Convention Center Friday and Saturday, June 19-20 and at San Diego Comic Con the next week to mingle with fans of low-budget genre films and pop-culture icons.

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Sluts A Go-Go on teh steps of San Francisco City Hall. 1981-82. Tippi in pink wig and fur, X in black sparkly gown and fur, Doris in white and Freda Ley in hot pink gown. Photographer unknown, possibly Ginger Quest.

Legends of Drag

Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go-Go were a troupe of drag queens who were wildly popular in San Francisco in the 1980s. They were the creative brainchild of Australian-born drag queen Doris Fish (1952-1991), who brought the Sydney drag aesthetic with her to San Francisco in the mid-1970s. They filmed the greatest drag movie ever made, Vegas In Space, directed by Phillip R. Ford.

The original members were the trio of friends, Doris, Tippi and Miss X, with filmmaker Phillip R Ford playing the honorary straight man (as well as producer and director) to the group. Freda Lay, Jane Dornacker, Sandelle Kincade and Ginger Quest are just some of the talents who also performed with the Sluts. The 2023 biography “Who Does That Bitch Think She Is: Doris Fish and the Rise of Drag” by Craig Seligman tells the story of Doris and the Sluts with great detail and insight and is the roadmap for this website.

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Sluts a Go-Go Debut October 28, 1979

San Francisco Gay Community Center

Doris Fish, and Tippi recruit newcomer Miss X put on a trashy, chaotic, riot of a drag show, the very first performance of the Sluts A Go-Go and the dawn of a new era in San Francisco drag. Dan Nicoletta was there to capture it all!

Doris Fish et al, (first Sluts A go go full show in SF at 330 Grove), Oct. 28, 1979
Photograph © by Daniel Nicoletta
All rights reserved

Sluts A Go-Go South Pacific Nightclub Tour

Winter and Spring 1980

After their October 1979 debut San Francisco Drag show the Sluts A Go-Go travel to Doris Fish’s homeland of Australia for a wild tour of the Sydney gay nightclub scene. Never before published photos of drag queen Doris Fish, Tippi and Miss X performing at The Stranded nightclub and Syd’s bar. With guest star Jacqueline (Jackie) Hyde.


Photo credit: Laurie Kirkwood, All Rights Reserved

Fish For Xmas

December 1981

Newly restored photographs from Daniel Nicoletta and Greg Foss of the 1981 Christmas show by San Francisco Drag Queens Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go-Go: Tippi, Miss X, Ginger Quest, Sara Cecchini, Lori Naslund, and pianist Paul Tortora at Previews.


Another costume change in Fish for Xmas. Sara Cecchini, Miss X, Tippi, and Doris Fish. Photo courtesy Ginger Quest.

Sluts A Go-Go West Graphics Greeting Cards

At one point in the 1980s Doris Fish was probably the most visible Drag Queen in the world, as the famous line of comedic greeting cards from West Graphics starring the Sluts A Go-Go were distributed across the country and snapped up by straight people who thought they were hilarious. For over a decade, Doris and the Sluts showcased their talents as drag artists. We are adding more cards to the gallery and hope to present a complete collection of this work.


Vegas in Space-The All Star Drag Movie

Vegas in Space is the greatest All Drag Queen movie of all time. Created by the drag legends Doris Fish, Miss X and Tippi (the infamous Sluts a Go-Go), directed by Phillip R Ford, photographed by Robin Clark, and featuring an all-star cast of San Francisco artists and performers from the 1980s queer underground! FIlmed in 1983-85 and released in 1991, it predated the drag explosion of the 1990s and influenced a generation of LGBT fans, including Ru Paul, Heklina, Peaches Christ, Sasha Velour, D’Arcy Drollinger and many more.

Learn the behind the scenes story of the MOVIE THAT SAVED THE UNIVERSE!

Established June 1st, 2023: A comprehensive archive of Doris Fish and the Sluts A GoGo (1979-1991) showcasing photographs, video, Doris’ artwork and memorabilia. Contributors include director Phillip R Ford, photographer Dan Nicoletta, co-star Miss X, Bobbie Davis of the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive and more, under the creative direction of Robyn Adams, illustrator of the forthcoming Vegas In Space comic book. Our goal is to preserve the legacy of Doris and the Sluts, to elevate her profile as an ICON of the Art of Drag, and make some fun, fabulous merchandise! For more information, please see the About This Site page.

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Celebrating the life and work of Doris Fish

(born Philip Clargo Mills; August 11, 1952 – June 22, 1991)