Vegas In Space


Love Theme To Vegas In Space

Written by Timmy Spence
Performed by Timmy Spence and Katie Guthorn.

Video edit by Robyn Adams (2023)

Doris Fish as Captain Tracy Daniels in "Vegas In Space". Photo by Robin Clark.

COMING SOON: Exclusive never-before-published photographs of the Vegas In Space party that launched the Greatest Drag Movie Ever Made!

In April 1982, drag queens Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go-Go threw a party at Ginger Quest's house at 422 Oak St. in San Francisco.

The theme was Vegas In Space. (A prior casino-themed party had been called “Vegas In A Toilet”, so this was a step up). Doris had recently returned from a trip to New York City, where she had purchased mountains of brightly colored FUN FUR which were used to decorate the apartment walls and vats of day-glo cosmetic powder that were used to create outlandish alien makeup effects. There was a throne room for Ginger, the Empress of the Galaxy and a lounge draped in black plastic.

After a fabulous party the queens woke up to the lavishly decorated apartment and Doris decided they couldn’t take it down and let it go to waste….they had to make a MOVIE!

"Blastoff! Into a Galaxy of GLAMA! The flyer created by Doris Fish for the Vegas In Space party. Doris is using Xeroxed poster art from Barbarella as the background and collaging a blown out Xerox of her own outrageous photo on the bottom. The typography she designed for the title is excellent. Fluids at 9!
This is art for the 1968 French Barbarella poster.
An excerpt from a Doris Fish letter about the famous Vegas In Space party.

Vegas in Space promotional photograph by Robin Clark.

By Michael Varrati