1976 Doris Fish performs with the Tubes Bimbo’s

October 1976 Halloween Harlots Revue SIR Center

October 1979 Sluts a Go-Go (Debut) SF Gay Community Center

November 1979 to April 1980 South Pacific Nightclub Tour Sydney Australia

August-September-80 Sluts A Go-Go-A Play with Music Hotel Utah

September 1980 Sluts Slumber Party Previews

November 1980 to 1982 Blonde Sin Hotel Utah

1981 Brand New Dance Timmy and the Sluts

September 1981 Doris Fish TV Star Previews

December 1981 Fish for Xmas Previews

1981 to 1989 West Graphics Comic Greeting Cards

1982 Rollercoaster to Hell 16mm short film

1982 Torn Tulle Theater Rhinoceros

1982 Ego as Artform Studio Ink

1983 Calling All Girls – opening act for Edith Massey Band

Nov-83 to Jun-84 Naked Brunch Episodes I thru IV Club 181

1984 Partners in Crime NBC-TV

Mar-84 Buck and Bubbles Revue The Plush Room

1984 to 1986 Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra Band

Oct-84 Miss Solar System Pageant Tocadero Transfer

1985 Sex Wars Don Brown Productions

1985 Puttin’ on the Hits – Audition TV Show

1985 to 1986 Big Band Beat Band

1985 to 1986 Gay Cable Network Weekly cable TV show

Oct-85 Happy Hour Season Opener Club 181

Dec-85 Happy Hour Xmas Special Club 181

1986 Vegas in Space Video Teaser short video

Jun-86 Happy Hour Celebrity Backyard BBQ etc Club 181

Nov-86 Nightclub of the Living Dead Club 181

1987 Nudies Go Beserk Club 181

1987 Chuck Solomon: Coming of Age feature video

Jan-87 GCN Party at Club Nine Club 9

Mar-87 Jane Dornacker Memorial Event Warfield Theater

Jun-87 Box Office Poison Lipps’s Underground

Jun-87 Pittsburgh Today TV Show in Pittsburgh, PA

Aug-87 Who’s Afraid of Box Office Poison? Lipp’s Underground

Nov-87 to Feb-88 Bad Seed Theater Rhinoceros

Mar-88 Hello from BerthaTheater Rhinoceros

Jun-88 Beautyrama ‘88 Club DV8

Jul-88 Gimme the Damn Money etc Theatre Artaud

Jan-89 Sluts a Go-Go Still Alive! Victoria Theater

1990 The Balcony Theater Rhinoceros

Jan-90 Sluts a Go-Go All Star Gang Bang DNA Lounge

Jul-90 West Graphics Tenth Anniversary Party Theatre Rhinoceros

Nov-90 Who Does That Bitch This She Is? etc Victoria Theater

1991 Vegas in Space feature motion picture

Oct-91 Vegas in Space World Premiere Castro Theater

Oct-91 Vegas in Space Premiere Party 650 Howard

Feb-93 to Apr-93 Phillip R. Ford’s Dolls On-Broadway Theater

Jun-93 Vegas in Space Premiere at Dragstrip 66 Rudolpho’s, Los Angeles

Jun-93 Vegas in Space Premiere Party The Hollywood Palace

Aug-93 VIS LA Premiere on FYE E! Entertainment Television

Oct-93 Vegas in Space on Up All Night etc USA Network

Oct-06 Vegas in Space Fifteenth Anniversary Clay Theater