Timmy Spence with Doris Fish. Photographer TBD.

Timmy Spence was introduced to the Sluts A Go-Go by Eddie Troia, who was helping them produce Sluts A Go-Go A Play With Music (soon Blonde Sin). Timmy was a keyboard musician in Jennifer Blowdryer’s punk band The Blowdryers and he joined the Sluts as musical director for the show. In exchange, the Sluts performed with his band which became Timmy and the Sluts. The released a new-wave single, “Brand New Dance” and the Sluts were featured wonderfully in the music video.

Timmy joined the cast of Vegas In Space as Lt. Dick Hunter but was too busy for the taxing shooting schedule and asked to be written out. His death scene overdosing on sex change pills is a hilarious and memorable moment in the film. He wrote the terrific Love Theme to Vegas In Space and performed it with Katie Guthorn.

Timmy remained close friends with the Sluts, performing in the 1989 Sluts A Go-Go: Still Alive where he performed the love theme he wrote for Vegas In Space as well as the Who Does That Bitch Think She Is benefit for Doris Fish. After her death, he drove his ’64 Oldsmobile convertible displaying her Billboard Portrait in the 1991 Gay Freedom Day parade as Doris’ friends paid tribute to her.

Timmy led a long and fabulous life in San Francisco and was a fixture on the drag scene for years. After a second career as a high school science and math teacher he retired to sunny Florida where he lives in mid-century splendor.

Timmy and the Sluts A Go-Go Hotel Utah, January 23-24, 1981 Doris design. Miss X Collection.
Timmy and the Sluts I-Beam, March 9, 1091 Doris Fish design and illustration. Miss X Collection.
Cover sleeve for Timmy Spence's Brand New Dance. Courtesy Ginger Quest
Back of Brand New Dance record sleeve. Credits listing many familiar faces.