Doris Fish was a talented, energetic, and dedicated artist. She attended the Julian Ashton Art School in Australia which had a strong foundation in traditional drawing and painting. Her favorite subject was herself and her friends in drag, painted in a detailed, rendered style or drawn with a wonderful graphic line. Drawing and design served her well in producing flyers for her shows and spreading her image around.

Silkscreen printing was also a useful interest, allowing her to mass produce herself. Doris pursued graphic design jobs but lacked the qualifications to work professionally.

Doris Fish drawings for the Sluts A Go-Go debut poster in 1979. Remixed design by Robyn Adams.
Close up of a small notebook doodle in ballpoint pen. Doris drew eyes like this frequently.
Commissioned by Bob Davis, Doris painted this in 1990. From the left, Doris Fish, Ms. Bobbie Davis, Miss X, Tippi.
Doris Fish 1979 Self-portrait.
A Doris Fish illustration of the Sluts A Go-Go circa 1980. Produced as a silkscreen.
Hand-colored Xeroxed photograph by Doris Fish circa 1982
Sketch of Divine by Doris Fish
Cropped Sluts A Go-Go silkscreen printed on chipboard and hand colored by Doris Fish. Circa 1981
An unfinished painting of the Sluts A Go-Go by Doris Fish.
Doris Fish self-portrait, inspired by Gustav Klempt. Version 1 of 2.