An original West Graphics color transparancy used for printing. Miss X collection.
The Sluts dressed as streetwalkers in an early photoshoot for West Graphics. The shoot was never published. Circa 1981. Miss X collection.

West Graphics greeting cards made Doris Fish and the Sluts A Go-Go famous as greeting card comic models. Produced from 1981-1989, they were wildly successful and carried the Sluts faces (as well as the sensibilities of gay culture) across America and the world. Snapped up by tourists and attached with magnets to the refrigerators of the Midwesterners, they were one of San Francisco’s great cultural exports in the 1980s.

Thank you to the Doris Fish Forever Facebook Page, Miss X, Ruby Vixxen, and Ms. Bobbie Davis (LLTA) for contributing to this archive.

More to come! Ultimately we hope to have a near complete collection of Sluts cards represented on this site.

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"He Said He Was God" Photographer: John Edwards Model: Doris Fish Concept: Randy West 1987
"But, Maybe It Was Three Pink Elephants. Hope Your'e Filled With The Holiday Spirit!" Model: Doris Fish Photographer: MALA Concept: Randy West 1988
"Charge!! Hope The Holidays Fit Within Your Credit Limits" Photographer: MALA Models: Doris Fish, Ida Claire, Janice Sukiatis Concept: Larry Wilson 1988
"Lucky" Photographer: MALA Model: Doris Fish Concept: Randy West 1988
"Thinking of you" Model: Doris Fish Photographer: Ken Towles 1983
"But only I could love an asshole." Model: Doris Fish Photographer: Ken Dowle 1983