Coming in 2024: The Comic Book Adaptation by Robyn Adams

This is a work in progress cover for the Vegas In Space comic book adaptation, based on the 1991 cult drag film “Vegas in Space”, written by Doris Fish, Miss X and Phillip R Ford. The comic book is being adapted by Robyn Adams, a longtime fan of the film since she saw it’s premiere in 1991 at the Castro Theatre. Robyn’s previous comic book work was 1991’s Homozone Five, and more recently in Prism Comics “Alphabet” anthology and the “Theatre of Terror: Revenge of the Queers” the queer horror comics anthology. You can see more of Robyn’s work at Secret Fan Base.

Created in cooperation with the film’s director, Phillip R Ford and its surviving and thriving co-star Miss X, this comic reimagines the world of Vegas In Space while remaining faithful to the timeless performances of its cast and the vision of it’s creator, Doris Fish.

The goal is to take this classic low-budget film and reimagine it as if Doris and Phil had an unlimited design budget to create the world of Vegas in Space.

The characters are digitally drawn and painted by Robyn Adams and the background art is being generated primarily with Midjourney artificial intelligence.

“You mean everything here is FAKE?”

“Yes, Tracy, the real world is rather colorless….”

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