Miss X and Doris, Castro Street Fair, 1983 Photograph © by Daniel Nicoletta All rights reserved

Miss X

Born Dalton Bradley Chandler II, Cincinnati, OH, October 28, 1951. Currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.

After dropping out of college in Ohio, he spent a couple of years in Los Angeles, where he became friends with Freda Lay while working together in a gay porn theater. They moved to San Francisco in the fall of 1973 to crash with Freda’s boyfriend at the time. The boyfriend’s roommate was dating Tippi, who was then still very much in boy-mode. They bonded over a mutual love of old movies and saw each other periodically over the years.

In September 1979, Tippi introduced him to her then roommate Doris Fish at a “Come as your Favorite Fellini Character” party given by Ambi Sextrous. Doris arrived very late, but when she did, he was entranced and they became fast friends. With his knowledge of Hollywood movie dialogue and some experience doing drag, they soon recruited him to help with their upcoming show called Sluts A Go-Go. He made his debut on his birthday, October 28, 1979 at the Gay Community Center playing the character of heiress Helen Damnation who was in disguise as the mysterious Miss X.

The name stuck, of course, and Miss X was one of the three core members of Sluts A Go-Go, participating in every show and project. As the only real singer in the group she brought Unforgettable as Queen Veneer in Vegas In Space

To be continued….