Ambisextrous was the opening act (first Sluts A go go full show in SF at 330 Grove), Oct. 28, 1979 Photograph © by Daniel Nicoletta All rights reserved

Ambi Sextrous, a flamboyant bearded drag queen of the Cockettes style, came from a wealthy family in Oklahoma and lived on a healthy trust fund. It’s been said that his family paid him to go away to San Francisco where he lived a colorful lifestyle that included a second apartment JUST TO STORE HIS DRAG.

He and Doris met soon after Doris arrived in San Francisco in 1975. She performed in his Halloween Harlots show at the SIR Center in 1976, and later Ambi was the opening act at the Sluts A Go-Go debut show in 1979. Doris didn’t care too much for his style, particularly the beards, but she surely enjoyed his largesse.

Tippi was more friendly, and it was through Ambi that Tippi first met Doris.

It was at Ambi’s “Come as Your Favorite Fellini Character” party that Tippi introduced the future Miss X to Doris in 1979. He didn’t factor much in her future work, but was present and on stage at her 1990 benefit “Who Does That Bitch Think She Is”, making a generous donation.

He died of AIDS in 1995.

Halloween Harlots! Doris Fish drew and hand colored this flyer and guest starred in the show produced by Ambi Sextrous in 1976! Three years before the Sluts A Go-Go. From Miss X collection.
Doris and Ambisextrous at the 1978 Gay Freedom Day Parade. Photograph © by Daniel Nicoletta. All rights reserved. Not for distribution, please.
Ambisextrous in repose. Photo courtesy the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive.
Doris Fish painting of Ambisextrous. Signed and dated 1978. Courtesy Ms. Bobbie Davis, the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive.
Doris Fish, Ms. Bob Davis, Ambi Sextrous and Tippi. Photo courtesy Phillip R Ford. Date TBD, likely between 1988-90.
A page from Ambi Sextrous' 1978 diary with photos of Tippi (Miss Leading) and mention of the psychedelic painting Doris was working on.