Black and white portrait of Freda Lay. Photographer TBD.

Freda Lay was one of the original Sluts A Go-Go. A tall, pretty, AMAB from Pittsburgh, PA, who was into drag. She and Brad Chandler (X) met in Hollywood working at a gay porn cinema. The two relocated, with Freda’s boyfriend, to San Francisco in the fall of 1973. The boyfriend lived with a roommate called Mr. Natural, who was the boyfriend of Tippi (who at that time was presenting male and using a male name). In 1979 the three formed Sluts A Go-Go with Doris Fish. Freda was in the debut Sluts A Go-Go show, but missed the South Pacific Nightclub tour, and was in the Play with Music and Blonde Sin at Hotel Utah. She left the show in 1981 but stayed in the Sluts orbit. She played two roles in Vegas In Space, Jane the computer, and a party goer in the finale.

She was last seen when she attended the wedding Of Miss X and Alison Chandler in 1994. Her ultimate fate is unknown.