Jane Dornacker flyer for Hotel Utah. Collection of Miss X.

Jane Dornacker

Jane Dornacker met Doris Fish after Doris joined the Tubes for a three week stint in 1976 after winning the Tubes talent contest. Jane was a member of the band and wrote their 1976 song “Don’t Touch Me There”. She formed the band Leila and the Snakes with Pearl E Gates, the co-winner of the talent contest. That band broke up in 1978 when Pearl went on the form Pearl Harbor and the Explosions and Jane went into stand-up comedy and acting.

Jane was managed for a time by Eddie Troia and in November 1980 he brought her onto the cast of Blonde Sin with the Sluts A Go-Go, adding much needed professionalism and star power to the production. She left the show later in the run and was replaced by Ginger Quest.

Her career in stand-up comedy and theater made her a local celebrity in San Francisco and her work with playwright Sam Shepard led her to be cast in a small role in the movie The Right Stuff.

After starting work as a helicopter news radio traffic reporter in San Francisco, she moved to New York City and worked for WNBC radio. She survived a helicopter crash in April 1986, but was killed in a second crash on October 22, 1986 when her chopper crashed in the Hudson River.

A memorial tribute concert was held in San Francisco for her at the Warfield Theater on November 22, 1986. The Sluts A Go-Go performed on a bill that included Jerry Garcia and The Tubes.

Leila and the Snakes

San Francisco rock band headed by Jane Dornacker in the late 1970s. Tube talent contest co-winner Pearl E Gates was a member for short time. Doris and Tippi performed with the band on occasion and Doris designed at least one flyer for them.

Hand colored Doris Fish flyer for Leila and the Snakes Halloween show.
Leila and the Snakes records sleeve.
Back of Leila and the Snakes record sleeve. Signed to Greg Foss (Ginger Quest) by Jane Dornacker. Courtesy Greg Foss.