Ginger Quest (Greg Foss) was a hardcore fan of the Sluts A Go-Go, attending many of the Blonde Sin shows. He befriended the girls, often inviting them to his home at 422 Oak St, feeding them after performances and at Thanksgiving, and even hosting Doris’ wedding reception. After Freda Lay abruptly left Blonde Sin, he was recruited to take her place, drag novice though he was.

“For a Halloween performance of Blonde Sin, Greg went as Ginger Grant, the redheaded bombshell that Tina Louise played on the ’60s sitcom Gilligan’s Island. He had ruined his synthetic wig by using a hair dryer on it—”I didn’t know anything about drag. But it was all I had, so I wore it. And Doris loved it!” A tattered wig would have complemented Doris’s aesthetic at the time. From then on Greg Foss was Ginger to everyone. He came up with a last name, Quest, from Johnny Quest, an old cartoon show.”

Excerpt From
Who Does That Bitch Think She Is?
Craig Seligman

It was at 422 Oak Street that the original Vegas In Space party was held in April 1982 and where much of the film was shot afterwards. “Based on a party by Ginger Quest” remains one of the all-time great film credits. Ginger played the Empress Nueva Gabor memorably in green face paint and with numerous fabulous costume changes.

Hail Empress!