Photographer and promoter Martin Ryter worked with Doris Fish in 1980-81 on a magazine style gay cable television show for The Advocate magazine called Click TV. They filmed studio interviews with local celebrities and taped segments all over San Francisco and beyond. Doris accosted the Village People at a movie premiere, chatted with Joan Baez and Lily Tomlin at a charity fundraiser, and attended the National Gay Rodeo in Reno. Martin also produced several promotional photographs for Doris and was involved with the Fabulous TV Star show at Previews in September 1981.

The Click TV show never aired and the videos have never been seen as far as we know. Our sincere hope is that this material will be available in some form in the future!.

Martin is very active as a photographer in Los Angeles today. Visit his website or follow on Instagram and YouTube Channel.

A notice in the BAR November 12, 1981 advertising "Doris Fish Live" with special guests for a midnight musical comedy revue running for three weeks at Previews. Presented by Martin Ryter and Click TV this is a previously undocumented performance, neither mentioned in the book or in any of the personal archives we have seen.

Click TV teaser trailer on Martin Ryter’s YouTube Channel.

Doris at the National Gay Rodeo in Reno, NV. Photo from Blueboy magazine.
Promotional headshot of Doris Fish in a white wig. Circa 1981. Photo by Martin Ryter. Note the stamp: Martin Ryter Talent.
Fabulous TV Star Doris Fish poster produced for a videotaped performance with Martin Ryter Previews, September 11-12, 1981 Design and Illustration by Doris Fish Collection of Miss X
Doris Fish and Lily Tomlin meet in 1981. Photograph from Doris' column in the Australian magazine "Campaign".
Excerpt from Doris' Campaign column. Thanks to Nick Henderson at the Australian Queer Archive!
Promotional flyer for Martin Ryter's Click TV featuring Richard Patton, Weedena, and Doris Fish