Robin Clark on the first day of shooting Vegas In Space. Photo likely by Doris Fish.

Robin Clark

Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1956. Currently resides in Virgina and is an accomplished fine artist.

A friend of Phillip R Ford’s from film school at San Francisco State, Robin Clark was the cinematographer on Vegas In Space and played a crucial part in making the film a spectacular visual experience. He is also responsible for most of the promotional images for the film, including the iconic poster.

“ “It looked so phenomenal,” X says, “that it was like a drug.” They had all been seething at Robin’s painstakingness. Now, suddenly, they gazed at him with admiration. “My whole relationship with everybody changed,” he says. “X was nice to me, first of all. And Tippi put her arm through my arm and walked me to my car, and she said, ‘Thank you for making us look so beautiful!’ It broke my heart. So they had me. It just snowballed after that.”

Excerpt From
Who Does That Bitch Think She Is?
Craig Seligman

Promotional photos for Vegas In Space distributed by Troma films. Photos by Robin Clark.
Vegas In Space: Top: Miss X, Ginger Quest, Doris Fish, Tippi. Bottom: Lori Naslund, Phillip R Ford, Ramona Fisher. Promotional cast photo by Robin Clark.
Doris Fish as Captain Tracy Daniels in "Vegas In Space". Photo by Robin Clark.