A Magic Object/When Ginger Met Doris Fish

Another treat from the Ginger Quest collection: There is something so special and precious about a Polaroid. They are magic objects—Doris probably handled this exact photograph after it was taken. This is Greg Foss (Ginger Quest) and Doris Fish (There’s that sixties hippie drag again) out and about in the early 80s. It always strikes…

Doris in a Ford-late 80s

Photo by Matt Barton. I love the intimacy of this photograph. ❤️A snapshot in the back seat of Phil Ford’s car on the way to a show or a party. The black hair frames Doris’s features beautifully and she’s so lit up. From Miss X’s archive.

Callboard Magazine 1992

X and Doris-Sunglasses on 18th St. 1979

X and Doris at a street fair circa 1979-1980

Doris and X, Sydney, 1979

Doris Fish circa 1982

We don’t have much info to go on with this photo. It’s from before Phil’s time with Doris. We know it was used in Jennifer Blowdryer’s June 1982 zine, Ego as the Transvestite of the Month. “If you’re a wimpy, nothing sort of person you can wear a little bank clerk blue eyeshadow and some…

Doris Fish and Phillip R Ford-Fish/Ford Productions 1986

Doris Fish and Philip R Ford

Phillip R Ford and Doris Fish-Happy Hour 1985

Phillip R Ford and Doris Fish at the Happy Hour X-Mas Show. From the collection of Phillip R Ford.

Miss X and Doris Fish on the set of Vegas In Space 1984

Miss X and Doris Fish on the set of Vegas in Space as Queen Veneer and Miss Tracy Daniels. Photo by Daniel Nicoletta All Rights Reserved

Arturo Galster, 1984

Arturo Galster on the set of Vegas in Space, 1984 Photo by Daniel Nicoletta @dannic100NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION WITHOUT PERMISSION